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Tadatomo Takagi was born in Tokyo, Japan

When Tadatomo got to know the genocide occurred in Rwanda's historical fact, Tadatomo was decided that will become a photojournalist to tell the present condition of having occurred in the our Earth with human condition and their dignity.


Having trained as a photojournalist in Japan Photography Institutes, after the graduated of the J.P.Institutes, Tadatomo was started his independent photojournalist career. Especially,  passionate in for human dignity who lives in severe situation the problem based on the present today, drought problem, natural disaster, pollution of the growth under the modern society, people alienated socially. It is continuing transmitting to people at to a magazine and photo exhibitions, lectures for citizen and university and photographic institutes, and  young photojournalist,, etc.


Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Collections

World Press Photo, IPA, International Photography Awards, Ueno Hikoma Award Grand Prix, Japan Prize by IFJ Japan Division and etc. Tadatomo's works collected as the common inheritance to human being in Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts and WPP digital archives, Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University, National Diet Library.





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